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Comedic Drama

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'A Christmas Carol' (Play) by Charles Dickens adapted by James Reynard

A Christmas Carol

(Min: 3m, 2f)
An adaptation of the famous Christmas tale, designed for small touring company, but could be played by a large cast. The audience are invited to take part if they wish as human sound effects either singly or in groups which adds to the ‘experience’! The production can also be performed using more actors and recorded sound effects without audience involvement or a mixture of both.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Cocoa And Cuddles' by Jane Lockyer Willis

Cocoa And Cuddles by Jane Lockyer Willis

(3m, 4f)
Frank and his sister Polly thought their just dead 86 year old mother, Edith, was irascible, unkind and spiteful, and their own relationship suffered badly as a result. However, the members of Edith's Folk Dancing Club thought she was wonderful; quite the life and soul of the party. What secrets did Edith keep to herself that made her relationship with Frank and Polly so tortured? The two of them each know something hitherto undisclosed about the other which, when both are revealed, serve to reconcile them both as they rediscover their sibling love for each other. Funny and sad, this play deals with love, loss, jealousy and regret.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Lady Susan' by Kathryn Attwood

Lady Susan by Jane Austen adapted by Kathryn Attwood

(6m, 6f)
Lady Susan Vernon is not your typical Austen heroine. The original merry widow, she flirts her way through Regency society, hapless teenage daughter in tow, gaining lovers and a reputation as “the most accomplished coquette in England”. Penniless and reliant on the charity of reluctant friends and estranged family she needs to marry again – and soon! Jane Austen’s lesser-known comic novel was written entirely in the form of letters but makes a seamless and very funny transition to the stage as this fully scripted adaptation shows.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Le Grand Return' by Alan Stockdill

Le Grand Return by Alan Stockdill

(3m, 1f)
It’s 1994 and the 50th anniversary of D Day looms. Tommy, Alf and Edwin are incarcerated in Coldrick Nursing Home and, despite of his ever-worsening heart condition, D-Day veteran Tommy is determined to break out and re-join his old comrades on the Normandy beaches. But how will they all get out… and what will happen along the way? This gentle comedy drama is about love, remembrance, war and peace.

Mr Bennet's Bride

(4m, 6f but can be reduced to 4m, 4f)
'Mr Bennet’s Bride' is an original period comedy, based on Mr and Mrs Bennet from Jane Austen’s 'Pride and Prejudice', exploring how this ill-matched couple met and married twenty-five years before the novel’s opening. In the late eighteenth century, marriage was more a business transaction than a love affair; pressure mounts on the young Mr Bennet to find a suitable match, but his refusal to play by the rules sets in motion a series of events that are both comic and moving.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'One Day I'll Fly Away' by Janet Shaw

One Day I'll Fly Away

(1m, 5f)
One young woman, one old lady. Their paths should never have crossed but fate took a hand and threw them together in a care home in which the old lady had broken her hip and the young woman had received community service.  They were more alike than anyone could begin to imagine. Both women had battled adversities beyond comprehension and in this very funny and poignant story we follow the ups and downs of their lives as mutual dislike and mistrust turns into an unusual and heart-warming friendship.

 Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Prince Of Hearts' by Ros Adler

Prince Of Hearts

(4m, 4f)
An unpopular Prince of Wales in 2066, Stephen refuses to join the world and is having his wife chosen for him via Reality TV. We are down to the final three... Railing against this indignity he is surprised by the revelation of a new world, new friendship in the most unlikely places, the discovery of true love and a new view of the world he'd despised. But fate has a cruel trick in store and all is not as it seems even when Stephen and his wife ascend the throne. The monarchy's future has been secured but at what price?

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure At Sir Arthur Sullivan's

(3m, 2f)
Holmes and Watson meet a friend of the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan outside the Opera House, Covent Garden, and are invited to recount some of their adventures on stage at a charity gala. The two stories that they choose to perform are Conan Doyle’s 'A Scandal in Bohemia' and 'Charles Augustus Milverton'. But why those stories, and why were they asked to perform in the first place? "I know an optical illusion when I see one," quips the great detective. But does he?

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Something Tells Me' by Ed Tasca

Something Tells Me

  Finalist - Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Waterford, CT; USA), National Playwright's Competition : 2014

(2m, 2f)
Marsha lives with her sister Bess, with Marsha providing the income and Bess the house. When Bess invites her ex, Ray, to come and join them temporarily, a tension rises over who may or may not be after Ray. The narrative explores the tensions we create between our conscious and subconscious drives, and how, in either case, we manipulate those around us.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'The Canterville Ghost' by Oscar Wilde adapted by James Reynard

The Canterville Ghost

(Min: 2m, 3f)
Oscar Wilde's tale of an American family moving into a British mansion, Canterville Chase, much to the annoyance of its tired ghost. The family, which refuses to believe in the ghost, is in Wilde's way a commentary on the British nobility of the day, and on Americans, too. The tale, like many of Wilde's, is rich with allusion, but ends as sentimental romance. This adaptation, designed primarily for a small touring company, is aimed at audiences over the festive season, and was re-worked to take place at Christmas. It includes carols, which the audience can join in with if they so wish.

Comedy Drama Play Script: 'The Lady Vanishes' by Derek Webb

The Lady Vanishes by Ethel Lina White adapted by Derek Webb

(8m, 9f or 5m, 8f with doubling)
On a train headed for England are a mixed a group of travellers, one of which, young Iris, befriends elderly Miss Froy. Iris falls asleep after luncheon, and wakes to find the old woman has disappeared. The other passengers ominously deny Miss Froy ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate with another traveller, and, as the pair try to find answers to the mysterious disappearance, romantic sparks fly. The play is based on the original book, but aficionados of the 1938 Hitchcock film will find this play version just as gripping.

The Magnificent Seven

(Original Version: 6m, 6f, 1m/f, 2m juniors, 1f junior   OR   Reduced Version: 6m, 5f, 1m/f)
It’s 1994 and a dramatic discovery prompts seven World War Two veterans to journey to the beaches of Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. However, first they must plan their greatest escape yet, to go behind enemy lines and spring themselves from their nursing home. Join Bill, Betty, Flo, Reg, Brian, Sid and Ron on an unforgettable adventure of Honour, love, loss, official secrets, balaclavas, biscuits and Ninja Turtles. “You’re never too old to be a superhero...”