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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.


Writers (A-D)

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)


Adler, Rosalind Prince Of Hearts Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Amor, Deborah Tinsel Play (Comedy) 2

Apps, Roy & Wortley, Chris The Fang Gang Musical (Young Cast) 2

Attwood, Kathryn Lady Susan Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Mad Shelley Play (Drama) 2
  The Locked Room Play (Drama) 2
  The Watsons Play (Comedic Drama)  2 

Ayckbourn, Philip Breaking The Circle Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Loving Androids Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Psychic Connections Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  The Essence Of Love Play (Comedy) 2
  Timeshare Play (Comedy)  2 

Bagnall, Juliet The Diamond Necklace Play (Radio-style Thriller) 2

Barnes, David & Leon, David Wild Allegations Play (Comedy) 1

Barrow, Colin Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Holiday At Home Play (Comedy)  2 
  Passion Wagon Play (Comedy) 2
  Puss In Boots Pantomime 2

Bartlett, John Ali Baba Pantomime 2
  Babes In The Wood Pantomime 2
  Flumes And Fumes Play (Comedy) 1
  Hansel And Gretel Pantomime 2
  "In Comes I ..." Mummers Plays -
  Lumley Mill Play with music 2
  Slap And Tickle At The Pig And Whistle Play (Comedy) 1
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Sunshine Mountain Play with music 2
  The Village Hall Play (Comedy) 4x1

Bates, Alan A Field Full Play (Comedy) 1
  Lust In The Dust Play (Comedy) 2

Bean, Stephen A Little Box Of Oblivion PRIZE WINNER Play (Absurd) 1
  A Quiet Life PRIZE WINNER Play (Thriller/Mystery) 1
  Fate's Thread PRIZE WINNER Play (Thriller/Mystery) 1
  Like Us PRIZE WINNER Play (Black Comedy) 1
  Peter Pantelyne, Esq PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedy) 2

Beattie, Steven K All That We Seem Play (Drama) 2

Belbin, Hank Between The Hay And Grass Play (Drama) 2

Blaxland, Dougie A Harlot's Progress Play (Drama) 2
  Moving In And Taking Over PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Never Any Fruit PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 2

Bond & Burnett Boys Own McBeth Musical 2

Brett, Simon Murder With Ghosts Play (Comedy)  2 
  Quirks Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Sat Love Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Stake-Out Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Vegetable Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Bridges, Stephen & Bannister, Noel Reality, the musical Musical 2

Bright, Tom Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2
  Sinbad The Sailor Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2

Broadhead, Nick Altered Egos Play (Comedy) 2
  Special Features Play (Comedy) 2
  Subject To Contract Play (Comedy) 2
  Stopped Interrupting Play (Comedy) 2
  Tie Break Play (Comedy) 2

Brockway, Sally Young Souls Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Bromage, Elizabeth Cognitive Therapy Play (Comedy) 2
  Holiday Home Play (Comedy) 2
  The 3B Ranch Play (Comedy) 2

Buckingham, Geoff God Bless America! Play (Comedy)  1 
  Let's Be 'Avin' You! Play (Comedy) 1
  Not A Penny More! Play (Comedy) 1
  More Tea, Vicar? Play (Comedy) 1
  The Phantom Of The Arts Centre Play (Drama) 1

Burgess, Chris & Wright, Denise Emerald Musical 2

Burley, Pip Don't Mess With The Curtain Cords Play (Comedy) 2
  Viva! La Costa Play (Comedy) 2

Butler, Roger Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Pantomime 2

Cafarella, Jane e-baby Play (Drama) 2
  Supersnout Play (Absurd) 1

Casling, Tom Alter Ego Play (Comedy) 2
  An Honourable Life Play (Drama) 2
  Children Of The Revolution Play (Drama) 1
  Daughters Of Eve Play (Drama)  2 
  Do We Know His Parents? Play (Drama)  1 
  Frozen Assets Play (Comedy) 2
  Grandad Play (Comedy) 2
  Hell Hath No Fury Play (Drama)  1 
  In Sickness And In Health Play (Drama)  1 
  Jumpers Play (Drama)  1 
  Parent's Evening Play (Comedy)  1 
  Sanctuary Play (Drama)  1 
  Seasons In The Sun Play (Drama) 1
  The Artful Lodger Play (Comedy)  2 
  The Day Out Play (Comedy) 2
  The Loft Play (Drama) 2
  The Problem With Fathers Play (Comedy)  2 
  Tipp The Taxi Driver Play (Comedy) 2

Challenger, David Choices Play (Drama) 2
  Father's Funeral Play (Comedy) 2
  Welcome To The NHS Play (Comedy) 2
  Secrets, Lies & Blackmail Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Watching The Clock Play (Drama) 1
Challenger, David & Watts, Adam The Last Post Play (Comedy) 2

Chambers, Chris The Seagull (Chekov, a modern adaptation) Play (Drama) 2
Chambers, Chris & Rapps, Andy Gulliver's Travels Musical 2

Christie, Craig & Patterson, Andrew Do Or Die Musical 2
  The White Rose Musical 2

Clark, Bev A Life Unspoken Play (Drama) 1
  After The Dream Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Baggage Play (Drama) 1
  Bentley: Road To Justice Play (Drama) 1
  Jessie's Tree Play (Young Cast) 1
  Make Me Invisible Play (Young Cast) 1
  Remembrance Day Play (Drama) 1
  Room No. 5 Play (Thriller/Mystery) 1
  Running Out Of Time Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  S.P.A.C.E. Play (Comedy) 1
  The Ghost Crib Play (Drama) 1
  When The Dark Sea Cries Play (Drama) 1
Clark Bev & Hill, Keith RIP Mr Shakespeare Play (Comedy) 1

Colclough, Adam Answer Play (Drama) 1
  There's Nobody At The Door Play (Drama) 1

Cook, Ian & Newton, Ian The Best Man Musical 2
  The Reunion Musical 2

Cort, Martin Death On The Doorstep Play (Drama) 2

Crawshaw, Tom Play On Words PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 1
  Reverie Play (Drama) 1

Cronshaw, Bill Dancing With Auntie Play (Black Comedy) 1 or 2
  Free And Easy Jukebox Musical 2
  I'll Be Bert Play (Drama) 1 or 2

Cross, Adrian & Haynes, Simon Rock Apocalypse Musical 2

Crump, David & Smith, Peter Khaotic! Musical 2

Currie, Nigel Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Sherlock Holmes: the panto Pantomime 2
  (not quite) The Three Musketeers Pantomime 2

Darby, Bryan Gold, Frankincense And Murder Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Something To Hide Play (Comedy) 1
  Three-Quarter Moon Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2

Dealey, Maggie A Woman Of Uncertain Age PRIZE WINNER Play (Black Comedy) 1
  Butter Side Up Play (Comedy) 1

Denys, Christopher A Christmas Carol Play  2
  Maria Marten Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  The Mysteries Play 2
  The Pickwick Papers Play 2
  The Vicar Of Wakefield Play 2

Dobson, Liz Such A Blessing Play (Drama) 1
  Walk A Mile In My Shoes Play (Drama) 1

Donohue, Darren Voices In The Rubble PRIZE WINNER Play (Absurd) 1

Dunn, Kate & Dolan-Smith, Karen Alice In Wonderland Pantomime 2
  Beauty And The Beast Pantomime 2
  Rapunzel Pantomime 2

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)