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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.


Writers (E-J)

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That Was All 


Eaton, Vincent Max Dix, Zero To Six PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Edwards, Tony A Bit On The Side (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 
  A Quiet Night In (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 
  Aladdin Panto 2
  Babes In The Wood Panto 2
  Cinderella Panto 2
  Dinner Is Served, My Lady (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 

English, Jon & McKay, David Paris Musical (Drama) 2

Evans, Catrin Thank You Play (Drama) 1

Farquhar, Robert Almost Forever But Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Felton, Jack Bedlam Play (Comedy) 1

Fletcher, John & Chapman, David King David Musical 2
  Threads Musical (Drama) 2

Forde, Adam & Perkins, David Arabian Nights Musical (Young Cast) 2
  The Wind In The Willows Musical (Comedic Drama) 2

Foster, Christine Four Thieves Vinegar Play (Black Comedy) 2
  The Death Of Me Play (Thriller/Murder) 2

France, Jane The Interview Play (Comedy) 1

Gardner, Bruce Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Beauty And The Beast Pantomime 2
  Bobby Shaftoe Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Doctor Foster Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Little Tommy Tucker Pantomime 2
  One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Pantomime 2
  Princess And The Peabrain Pantomime 2
  Puss In Boots Pantomime 2
  Ride A Cock Horse Pantomime 2
  Rip Van Winkle Pantomime 2
  Rumpelstiltskin Pantomime 2
  Sing A Song Of Sixpence Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White Pantomime 2
  The Cobbler Prince Pantomime 2
  The Genie In The Bottle Pantomime 2
  The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Pantomime 2

Gawthorpe, Ann & Bown, Lesley Ashes To Ashes Play (Black Comedy) 1
  Country Dances Play (Comedy) 2
  Don't Get Your Vicars In A Twist Play (Comedy) 2
  Living Doll Play (Comedy) 1
  Over Exposure Play (Comedy) 2
  Practice To Deceive Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Whatever You Want Play (Comedy) 1

Gibb, Mike Children Of The Sea Play (Drama) 2
  Clarinda Musical 2
  Doorways In Drumorty Play (Drama) 2
  Giacomo & Glover Play (Drama) 2

Gilbert, WS & Sullivan, Sir Arthur The Mikado Musical (Comedy) 2
(Essgee's Australian versions)
The Pirates Of Penzance Musical (Comedy) 2

Gledhill, Shari Huff Puff Play (Drama) 1
  Last Chance Saloon Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Glover, Kate Queen Anne Play (Drama) 2

Godfrey, Adam Humpty Dumpty Pantomime 2
  Little Bo-Peep Pantomime 2

Gore, Neil We Are The Lions, Mr Manager! Play (Drama) 1

Greenstone, Danny Over The Gate Play (Comedy) 2

Grin, Francis That Was All Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Hammond Brown, Ian & Gibson, Alan Carnegie: the star-spangled Scotchman Musical 2

Hampshire, David Face Value Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Funny Turns Play (Comedy) 2
  Moments In Life (3 x Anthologies) Short Plays 1

Harding, Caroline Two Sisters PRIZE WINNER Play (Black Comedy) 1

Heath, Tim Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure At Sir Arthur Sullivan's
Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Henderson, Mark Forget It, It's History Play (Drama) 1

Hennessy, Teresa Untucked Play (Comedy) 1

Hilliard, Jane Thank You, Mr Dickens! Play (Comedy) 2
  The Boobytrap Play (Comedy) 2

Hills, Richard Aladdin Pantomime   2 
  Dick Turpin Rides Again Pantomime  2 
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Goldilocks And The Three Bears Pantomime 2
  Goody Two Shoes Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2
  Red Riding Hood Pantomime 2
  Robinson Crusoe Pantomime 2
  The Witch Of Evil Wood Pantomime 2
  Washington Square Play (Drama) 2

Hines, David Class Of 77 Musical (Comedic Drama) 2

Hinks, Gerry  A Trivial Pursuit Play (Comedy) 2
  Chip Off The Old Block Play (Comedy) 2
  Confessions Of Honour Play (Drama) 2

Hiscott, Gillian Love In Vain In Love Play (Drama) 2
  Mansfield Park Play (Drama)  2 
  The Young Diana Play (Drama) 2
  Vendetta Play (Drama) 2

Hodges, David Star Crossed Musical (Young Cast) 2

Holcroft, Thomas He's Much To Blame Play (Comedy) 2

Hopkins, Raymond It Must Be Love Play (Comedy) 2
  Looking For Love Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Mistletoe Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Money Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Perfect Harmony Play (Comedy) 2
  Love At Last Play (Comedy) 2
  Love Begins At Fifty Play (Comedy) 2
  Love On The Beach Play (Comedy) 2
  Make Time For Love Play (Comedy) 2
  The Love Nest Play (Comedy) 2

Humfress, Steve & Rapps, Andy Quasimodo Musical (Drama) 2

Hutson, Ron A Death Of Convenience Play (Thriller) 2
  Dying To Meet You Play (Comedy) 2
  Idle Hands Play (Comedy) 2
  Look Into My Eyes Play (Comedy) 1
  Poetic Justice Play (Thriller) 2
  Stalker Beware Play (Comedy)  
  Stolen Identity Play (Thriller)  
  The Hidden Host Play (Thriller) 2
  The Lord Mayor Requests Play (Comedy) 2

Huxley-Miners, Felicity In The Shadow Of The Mountain Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Inchbald, Elizabeth The Massacre Play (Drama) 1
  Wives As They Were And Maids As They Are Play (Comedy) 2

James, Mark Dear Mother Play (Drama) 1

John, David & Lynch, Kevin Rush!, the musical Musical (Drama) 2

Johnson, James Choking The Butterfly Play (Drama) 2
  Fate Play (Drama) 2
  Glimpse Due Solace Play (Drama) 2
  In Play (Drama) 2
  The-Audition Play (Drama) 2

Johnson, Robin Stitched Up Play (Comedy) 1

Johnson, Trevor My Ex Play (Comedy) 2

Jones, Eric A Christmas Carol Musical 2

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)