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Writers (N-R)

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Nærum, Knut Murder Afoot! Play 2

Nicol, Ron Accident Of Circumstance Play 
  Beggar Your Neighbour Play 1
  Chairs Play 1
  Childe Rowland Play  
  Flushed Play 1
  Flushed Again Play  1 
  Going Home Play 1
  Molly Whuppie Play  
  Molly Whuppie and the Double-Faced Ogre Play  
  Murder At The Cathedral Play 1
  Splits In The Skin Play 2
  The Man Who Collected Women
     (A Sherlock Holmes Story)
Play 1
  The Mazarin Stone
     (A Sherlock Holmes Story)
Play 1
  The Spiriting of Burd Ellen Play  
  Thicker Than Water Play 1

Norman, Mark Crazy Horses Play 1 or 2

Norman, Paul Silent Running Play 2

O'Brian, Tom On Raglan Road Play 2

O'Reilly, Catherine & Churchill, Tim The Hound Of The Baskervilles (adaptation) Play
  The Magnificent Seven Play 2

Orphanides, Xenia The Never Ever Cafe Play 1

Owen, Christopher A Family Affair Play 1
  Recital Play 1

Park, Michael A Hint Of Old World Charm Play 2
  A Touch Of Familiarity Play 2
  A Wisp Of Scotch Mist Play 2
  All Of The Monkeys Play 1
  Feeding The Ducks Play 1
  Granny’s Game Play 2
  The Scent Of Danger Play 2
  Two Purple Gloves Play 1

Pauley, Ian Resonant Frequency Play 3

Pertwee, Carolyn A Very Private Matter Play 2
  Past Forward Play 2
  Sexologically Speaking 4 x Plays 1
Pertwee, Carolyn (with Adler, Rosalind) Between Friends Play 2

Piñon, Andrew She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not Play 2

Power, Sarah Revolution Society Play 1

Pressland. Angela A Higher Education Play 1 or 2

Price, Stuart Lucky Dip Play 1

Prochaska, Reiner Antigone: Through The Ages Play  

Raffle, Diana Fairway To Heaven Play 2
  French Toast Play 1
  Heaven's Above Play  
  Murder Amongst Friends Play  
  Round The Houses Play 2
  The Canary Cage Play  
  The Offence Play  

Reakes, Paul Atlantis, the panto Pantomime 2
  Beau Jest, the foreign legion panto Pantomime 2
  Ding Dong Bell Pantomime 2
  Heads You Lose! Play 1
  Rumpelstiltskin Pantomime 2
  Sinbad Sails Again Pantomime 2
  Wee Willie Winkie Pantomime 2

Rees, Stephen Lee Late Play 2

Reynard, James A Christmas Carol Play 2
  The Canterville Ghost Play 2

Reynolds, John & Daverne, Gary Robyn Hood, outlaw princess Musical (Young Cast) 2
Reynolds, John & Smith, Shade Starblaze Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Valley Of The Voodons Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Windust Musical (Young Cast) 2

Richards, Jay Jane Eyre Musical 2
  Little Women Musical 2

Richardson, Alan Accommodation Haunted Play 1
  Bright Lights Play 1
  Mr Perfect Play 1
  The Spy Who Came In For The Phone Play 1
  The Worst Day Of My Life Play 1
  When A Man Knows Play 1

Ridley, Nicolas Alphabets & Angels Play 1
  Double Bubble Play 1
  Made For Each Other Play 1
  Rude Awakenings Play 1
  Six Of One... Play Collection 1

Robbins, Norman A Pocketful Of Posies Play 1
  Where There's A Will Play 2

Robinson, David Chamberlain Play 1
  Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy Play 1

Roche, Martin Is There Anybody There? Play 2
  Soul Without End Play 2
  The King's Orphan Play 2
  To Be Frank Play with Music 2
  Where Is The Life? Play 2
Roche, Martin & Crabtree, Ian Witchfinder Musical 2

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