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               COVID-19 Advice (issued 18 March 2020)

Given the current circumstances we've had a high number of groups make contact with us, and, due to the amount of effort put into rehearsals/marketing etc, most of them have so far wanted to re-schedule rather than cancel. We're not charging fees for any deferral of productions.

If you decide to postpone your production you probably won't know the dates for later in the year, or next year, yet, but please advise us nevertheless, and we'll issue a new temporary licence to show a date range of 2-3 months which you can then refine with us when the actual production dates are known.

Regarding cancellation: our administration fee will not be levied where you are forced to cancel your production.
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We will be unable to fulfil any orders for printed scripts for the foreseeable future. Any orders placed will be cancelled and a refund made.
Orders for downloadable preview scripts and e-scripts are not affected.


Writers (N-R)

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Nærum, Knut Murder Afoot! Play 2

Nicol, Ron Accident Of Circumstance Play 
  Beggar Your Neighbour Play 1
  Chairs Play 1
  Childe Rowland Play  
  Flushed Play 1
  Flushed Again Play  1 
  Going Home Play 1
  Molly Whuppie Play  
  Molly Whuppie and the Double-Faced Ogre Play  
  Murder At The Cathedral Play 1
  Splits In The Skin Play 2
  The Man Who Collected Women
     (A Sherlock Holmes Story)
Play 1
  The Mazarin Stone
     (A Sherlock Holmes Story)
Play 1
  The Spiriting of Burd Ellen Play  
  Thicker Than Water Play 1

Norman, Mark Crazy Horses Play 1 or 2

Norman, Paul Silent Running Play 2

O'Brian, Tom On Raglan Road Play 2

O'Reilly, Catherine & Churchill, Tim The Hound Of The Baskervilles (adaptation) Play
  The Magnificent Seven Play 2

Orphanides, Xenia The Never Ever Cafe Play 1

Owen, Christopher A Family Affair Play 1
  Recital Play 1

Park, Michael A Hint Of Old World Charm Play 2
  A Touch Of Familiarity Play 2
  A Wisp Of Scotch Mist Play 2
  All Of The Monkeys Play 1
  Feeding The Ducks Play 1
  Granny’s Game Play 2
  The Scent Of Danger Play 2
  Two Purple Gloves Play 1

Pauley, Ian Resonant Frequency Play 3

Pertwee, Carolyn A Very Private Matter Play 2
  Past Forward Play 2
  Sexologically Speaking 4 x Plays 1
Pertwee, Carolyn (with Adler, Rosalind) Between Friends Play 2

Piñon, Andrew She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not Play 2

Power, Sarah Revolution Society Play 1

Pressland. Angela A Higher Education Play 1 or 2

Price, Stuart Lucky Dip Play 1

Prochaska, Reiner Antigone: Through The Ages Play  

Raffle, Diana Fairway To Heaven Play 2
  French Toast Play 1
  Heaven's Above Play 1
  Murder Amongst Friends Play  
  Round The Houses Play 2
  The Canary Cage Play  
  The Offence Play  

Reakes, Paul Atlantis, the panto Pantomime 2
  Beau Jest, the foreign legion panto Pantomime 2
  Ding Dong Bell Pantomime 2
  Heads You Lose! Play 1
  Rumpelstiltskin Pantomime 2
  Sinbad Sails Again Pantomime 2
  Wee Willie Winkie Pantomime 2

Rees, Stephen Lee Late Play 2

Reynard, James A Christmas Carol Play 2
  The Canterville Ghost Play 2

Reynolds, John & Daverne, Gary Robyn Hood, outlaw princess Musical (Young Cast) 2
Reynolds, John & Smith, Shade Starblaze Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Valley Of The Voodons Musical (Young Cast) 2
  Windust Musical (Young Cast) 2

Richards, Jay Jane Eyre Musical 2
  Little Women Musical 2

Richardson, Alan Accommodation Haunted Play 1
  Bright Lights Play 1
  Mr Perfect Play 1
  The Spy Who Came In For The Phone Play 1
  The Worst Day Of My Life Play 1
  When A Man Knows Play 1

Ridley, Nicolas Alphabets & Angels Play 1
  Double Bubble Play 1
  Made For Each Other Play 1
  Rude Awakenings Play 1
  Six Of One... Play Collection 1

Robbins, Norman A Pocketful Of Posies Play 1
  Where There's A Will Play 2

Robinson, David Chamberlain Play 1
  Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy Play 1

Roche, Martin Is There Anybody There? Play 2
  Soul Without End Play 2
  The King's Orphan Play 2
  To Be Frank Play with Music 2
  Where Is The Life? Play 2
Roche, Martin & Crabtree, Ian Witchfinder Musical 2

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)