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Our office is open for one day per week until further notice
and we are currently unable to fulfil orders for Printed Scripts and items despatched on USB Sticks.

We've been open throughout the pandemic dealing with its ramifications, and we're going to take a break until things change regarding theatre.
All aspects of our operation will be affected:
Quotations, Licensing, Sales, and General Enquiries. Please be patient if we take a long time to respond.


Writers (S-Z)

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)


Saunders, Geoff Benny's Funeral Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Hanging In There Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Manny's Party Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Ring Ring Play (Comedy) 1
  Under The Rainbow Play (Comedy) 1
  Watch My Lips Play (Drama) 1
Saunders, Geoff & Ahsam, Richard The Inaccurate Conception Play (Comedy) 2

Scheurer-Smith, Kattreya Snails For Starters Play (Comedy)  2 
  Uke Belong To Me Play (Comedy) 1

Shaw, Janet Behind Closed Doors Play (Drama) 2
  Charade Play (Comedy) 2
  Full Circle Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Love Is A Four Letter Word Play (Black Comedy) 2
  One Day I'll Fly Away Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Playing Away Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Pretzels For Dinner Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Stand And Deliver PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedy) 2
  Whatever Happened To Ruby Quicksilver? Play (Comedy) 2

Sheppard, Robert Dame Agatha And The Little Point Affair  Play with optional music (Comedy)  2 
  Dame Agatha's Greatest Case Play with optional music (Comedy) 2
  Gossip Play (Drama) 1
  Long Away And Far Ago Play (Drama) 1
  Marigold Play (Drama) 1

Sherman, Paul Kilmainham Kids Play (Youth/Adult) 1

Sherman, Richard & Robert The Slipper And The Rose Musical 2

Simonelli, Joe Room-Mates Play (Comedy) 2
  The Ghost In The Meadow Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  The Haunting Of Billop House Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Where There's A Will Play (Comedy) 2

Smith, Trevor A Necessary Death Play (Drama) 1
  Elephants Don't Run Play (Drama) 2

Snell, Bill Loss PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama)  1 

Sole, Michael He's In The Cupboard Play 2
  Oh Comrade, What A Lovely Pair! Play (Comedy) 2
  Oh Vicar, What A Lovely Pair! Play (Comedy) 2
  The Picnic Play 1

Spiers, Hilary Hoovering On The Edge Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Painting From Memory Play (Drama) 2
  Pecking Order Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Staite, Jackie Aladdin Trouble Pantomime 2
  Ali Baba And The Four Tea Leaves Pantomime 2
  Cinderella, the sequel Pantomime 2
  Goldilocks And The Three Martians Pantomime 2
  Goody Two Shoes Pantomime 2
  Red Riding Hood Goes Out West Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Goes Back To The Future Pantomime 2

Stanic, Paula B Under A Foreign Sky Play (Drama) 1

Stevens, Ryan Player King Play (Comedy) 2

Stevenson, Den Bugle Boy Musical 2
  The Ghost Of William Shakespeare Play (Monologue) 1

Stockdill, Alan Dark Sky Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Give A Little Love PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  Le Grand Return PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama 2

Sullivan, Michael A Matter Of Life And Death PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 1

Swarz, Gary Country Love Musical 2

Syder, Barry My Second Best Bed Play (Drama) 1

Tasca, Ed Something Tells Me PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Taylor, Bernard J Hear A Song That Echoes Play (Drama) 2
  Make Me A Musical Musical 2
  Much Ado Musical 2
  Nosferatu Musical 2
  Pride And Prejudice Musical 2
  Snow White and the Evil Queen Musical 2
  The Corporate Pirate Of Penzance Musical 2
  The Marsh King's Daughter Musical 2
  Wuthering Heights Musical 2
Taylor, Bernard J & Taylor, Simon J Ghosts In The Afternoon Play (Black Comedy) 2

Taylor, Sandy Chalk And Cheese Play (Drama) 1
  Faith Of Our Fathers Play 1
  Gilly's Gem Play (Comedy) 1
  Guess Who's Coming To Tea Play 1
  I'm Not Laughing, I'm Screaming Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  They Also Serve Play 1
  Two Little Dicky Birds Play 1
  What A Turn Up Play 1

Thompson, Jenny-Alice Whose Crime Is It Anyway? Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Tildesley, Rebecca Gardner Thicker Than Water PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 1
Tildesley, Michael and Rebecca Casualties Of War Play (Drama) 1
Tildesley, Michael Pals Play (Drama) 1

Trezise, Keith Branching Out Play (Comedy) 1
  Curtain Call Play (Drama) 1
  Duplex Play (Drama) 1
  Dying To Be Heard Play (Comedy) 2
  Four Play Play (Comedy) 1

Tricker, Carole Hospital Affairs Play (Comedy) 2
  Some Of My Best Friends Are Women Play (Comedy) 2
  What's A Calorie Between Friends? Play (Comedy) 2

Turner Jay & Mundy, Kath
& Cann, Peter
Billy Buckett Musical 2

Turner, Liz Exit Routes Play (Drama) 1

Underwood, Alice M Conkers PRIZE WINNER Play (Drama) 1

Van Why, Artie That Day In September Play (Drama) 2

Verheyen, Ronnie (with Graus, Mercedes) Edith & Simone Musical 2

Vosler, Kris Whispers To The Moon Play (Drama) 2

Wale, Terry Judy: the musical Musical (Drama, Contemporary) 2

Walker, Gerald Open Wide Play (Comedy) 2
  Walking Tall Play (Comedy) 2

Ward, Merlin The Widow Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2

Waterhouse, John A Gladiator On The Town Play (Comedy) 2
  A Very Scottish Play Play (Comedy) 2
  A Visit To Eastern Europe Play (Comedy) 2
  Angels AWOL Play (Comedy) 2
  How To Relax In Amsterdam Play (Comedy) 2
  How To Relax In Andalucia Play (Comedy) 2
  Moon Quest Play (Comedy) 2
  What Goes On In The Pantheon Play (Comedy) 2

Waterman, Peter & Christian, Rod Cruisin' Musical 2

Watkins, Dennis & Harriott, Chris Beach Blanket Tempest Musical 2

Watson, Oscar Battieman Blues Play (Drama) 1

Webb, Derek Agatha Crusty: Village Hall Murders Play (Comedy) 2
  Agatha Crusty: Murder Mystery Dinner Play (Comedy) 2
  Agatha Crusty: Health Spa Murders Play (Comedy) 2
  Agatha Crusty: Pantomime Murders Play (Comedy) 2
  Another Life Play (Drama) 1
  Baroque 'n Roll Play (Comedy)  2 
  Call Me Dusty Play With Music 2
  Calling Time Play (Black Comedy) 1
  CCTV Play (Comedy) 1
  Celebulite Play (Comedy) 1
  Dirty Business Play (Comedy) 1
  Getting The Breaks Youth Play (Drama) 1
  Heaven's Paradise Play (Drama) 1
  Losing It Play (Comedy) 1
  Man's View Play (Comedy) 1
  My Funny Valentine Play (Drama) 1
  Needle Time Play (Comedic Drama) 1
  No Smoke Play (Drama) 1
  One In The Eye Play (Comedy) 1
  Roy Brown: Bard Of Margate Play (Comedy) 1
  Roy Brown: Bringing Back The Bluestones Play (Comedy) 1
  Roy Brown: Reclaiming Stonehenge Play (Comedy) 2
  Roy Brown: Untitled Play (Comedy) 1
  Roy Brown And The Red Baron Play (Comedy) 1
  The Chimes Play (Drama) 1
  The Invisible Man Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  The Lady Vanishes Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  The Railway Children Lady Play (Drama) 2

Weaving, Brian Citizen George Play (Drama) 1

Weir, David Better Together Play (Drama) 1
  Lions Of England Play (Drama) 1

Whalen, Pamela Mansfield Park Play (Drama) 3
  Persuasion Play (Drama) 2
  Pride And Prejudice Play (Drama) 2
  Sense And Sensibility Play (Drama) 2

White, Peter Angel Squadron Musical (Youth) 2
  The Cool Yule Mule Musical (Youth) 2

Wild, Andrew The Difficult Crossing Play (Drama) 1

Wilkes, Nick Disconnected Play (Comedy) 2
  Mary Christmas Play (Comedy) 1
  Oscars Play (Comedy) 2
  Radiodram Play (Comedy) 2
  Sunking Play (Comedy) 2
  The Fool At Yule Play (Comedy) 1

Williams, Frank Alibi For Murder Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Mask For Murder Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Murder Weekend Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  The Playing Fields Play 2
  Two Children On A See-Saw Play 1 or 2
  The Boating Lake Play 2

Williamson, Devon Crazy Ladies Play (Comedy) 2
  How To Train Your Husband Play (Comedy) 2
  Lost For Words (being re-written) Play (Comedy) 2
  Menopause Made Me Do It! Play (Comedy) 2
  My Husband's Nuts Play (Comedy) 2
  My In-Laws Are Outlaws Play (Comedy) 2
  The Jailhouse Frocks Play (Comedy) 2
  The Old People Are Revolting Play (Comedy) 2
  The Supermarket Sisterhood Play (Comedy) 2
  The Wedding Of The Century Play (Comedy) 2
  Twas The Fight Before Christmas Play (Comedy) 2
  Understanding Women Play (Comedy) 2

Wilson, Heaton The Truth Untold Play (Drama) 1

Witt, Robert Where You Going, Bobby Fortner? Play (Young Cast) 2

Wood, Emma Mr Bennett's Bride Play (Comedic Drama)  2
  The Third Act Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Woods, Jill  Many Happy Returns Play (Comedy) 2
  Singles Night (Monologues; 2 x 1f, 2 x 1m) Play Collection  1 

Wortley, Christopher Act Your Age Musical 2
  Comic miniOperas Opera 1

Yeaman, Mike Canoeing For Beginners Play (Comedy) 2
  Frank Sumatra Play (Comedy) 1
  Lucky Numbers Play (Comedy) 2

Writers (A-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)